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Welcome To DLI

DLI was founded in 1985 by Doc Livingston as an adjunct to RIX SoftWorks, Inc. The RIX company has won many industry awards for graphics software application design.

RIX created a series of graphics utilities that was in wide-spread use by manufacturers of computers, monitors and graphics cards. They also created the 1st EGA and VGA digital paint programs in the industry.

RIX has designed proprietary presentation software for the exclusive use of DLI. This software is superior to both the PowerPoint and Director applications which is all our competitors primary presentation software.


Our presentation software is the only such software in the industry that is completely resolution independent! This means those tricky plasma panel "native" modes can be reproduced and your plasma panel wil show every pixel it was designed to display. Vertical plasma panel displays and HDTV resolutions are no problem!

We created DLI to supply the increasing demand for dramatic, colorful product presentations and tutorials to fulfill any corporate needs. Check out "DLI Features" & "Client Benefits" portion of this website for more details.


DLI's talents are also utilized in the creation and maintainence of commercial websites. All the years of graphics and program-ming expertise are at our Client's disposal for their web needs. Our pricing, 1-year maintenence agreements and our industry exclusive money-back, Client Satisfaction Guarantee on all our work makes DLI the most cost effective choice for web design.

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Our Company

Doc Livingston, Inc. (DLI) is the oldest Multimedia Computer Presentations & Animation Design firm in the industry. We produce dazzling, high impact presentations with your products or services in mind!

Fine promotional tools for the following uses: multimedia presentations, trade show presentations, corporate presentations, cd-rom tutorials, web design, corporate training, logo design & animation, 3D animation, corporate animation, flash animation, promotional inserts & mailers, dealer base store displays (POP).

Here we list a few reasons why you should let DLI design, produce your multimedia project. Keep in mind that although there are many other companies in our field, DLI has no serious competition.

To date, DLI has always won the contract when we had other producers bidding on the same project. The listings below of some of our benefits should give you a few of the many reasons for our consistent success. More websites and references are available on request.


1 - DLI has never missed a deadline in over 25 years!

2 - We offer a Client Satisfaction Guarantee - You aren't satisfied, you get your money back! Simple, straightforward and on every contract we've signed over the last two decades. No client, to date, has ever chosen to avail themselves of this offer.

3 - DLI's staff of experts in the animation, computer programming, art/graphics design, web design and marketing fields means you don't have to micro-manage the project. No extensive meetings, etc. involving your staff's valuable time and hidden expenses to your company.

4 - For the beancounters - DLI charges one-half to two-thirds what others do. We keep our overhead low with a unique and flexible sub-contracted staff. We pass this savings along to our clients.

5 - Our 1-Year Program insures your ever-changing product line or services will be up to date now and throughout the year…AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! With DLI's 1-Year Program - your project's product/services updates are produced at no charge for a full year.

6 - All those involved with DLI make doing business the fun it should be. Isn't that the way its supposed to be?

DLI offers a one-stop multimedia solution! DLI has always been a creative force in the industry. The reason is cost-effective and consistent performance! Due to our recent staff expansion we offer a much wider range of services.

Contact us now for professional: computer graphics, web design, promotional services, film & video production, marketing consultation, logo design, special effects & animation. At this site is an illustrated view of some of DLI's capabilities and effects are available for the promotion of your product lines. We even do windows... office & home interior decoration!

Be it hardware, software, tutorials, processes or services...




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